We Pretend

Have I told you before about Pretend Inc? They are an awesome company that provide balloon twisting, magic, face painting, and more for your party, get together, graduation, etc. I've had the pleasure of having them come over to do the twins b-day party and seeing them in action is amazing. Tyler is incredible at balloon twisting. If he can see a pic of it, he can make it. He's that good. Jen does awesome face painting and tattoos (temporary of course) and is so good at it, that kids line up to get more and more done. Did I mentioned they are award winning? Pretend Inc is the winner of a Red Tricycle 2016 Totally Awesome Award in Southern California. So, if you live in the San Diego area and are looking for some awesome entertainment for your next party (no matter for what age), go check their stuff out. You gotta see it in person to believe it.